Subject orally ingested 7mg of racemically-pure scopolamine HBr in aqueous vehicle. No other psychoactive substances were combined with the scopolamine. The quantity of scopolamine is decided upon because it is 1/50 of a lethal murine dose; subject figures that this is a sufficient safety factor.

+30 minutes: Onset of peripheral anti-cholinergic symptoms, e.g. dry mouth, blurred vision, dilated pupils, hyperpyrexia, red hands and eet and flushed face. Some noticeable ataxia and poor sentence construction.

+1 hour: Definite delirium setting in. Substantial decrease of muscle tone, resulting in clumsy walking. Much banging into walls and stumbling over nothing whatsoever. Heartrate is very fast.

+2 hours: Muscles almost completely relaxed, so that walking is now impossible (can barely crawl, however). Foreheard feels feverish. Hearing is impaired. Pupils are monstrously dilated. Colors are very rich and bright, as with Cannabis intoxication. Visual perceptual resolution is poor; text appears blurry no matter how hard subject squints or concentrates. Depth perception is severely impaired, making it impossible to appropriately reach for even nearby objects without over- or under-reaching.

+3 hours: The walls are breathing, objects are swirling about and taking on living forms, making for a generally nightmarish scenario. Subject has NO INSIGHT WHATSOEVER; these are REAL HALLUCINATIONS, unlike the fanciful visions and distortions that one obtains on indoleamine psychelic drugs. Terrifying.

+4 hours and onwards: Muscles are so weak that even lifting a finger seems to take superhuman strength. Subject feels an oppressive force pinning him down on the bed, paralyzing him. Visual field is completely obscured by various living forms and blurry splotches. Throat is parched; tongue feels sandy. Subject does not know where he is; does not know whether he is even awake or dreaming.

+24 hours: Subject enters catatonic state.

—Text Illegible

+120 hours: Subject missing.

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