Game 2

This game borrows heavily from game 1. WE never finished that one, so this one starts about halfway through.
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Cast Of Characters

Ray Gelato

Clide Booker

Detective Bartles

Nathaniel Derby Pickman

Archibald Tinsworth


The Brooklyn Dock

Brooklyn Market

SS Arkham

Marthas Vineyard

Nomans Island


Yssylshotep Cultists




Recap of Nathaniel's offer

Well, there is a small island off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, unfortunately named Nomans Island. I am close collegues, or, WAS close collegues with a man who had recently returned from a field exploration of the local flora and fauna of the island, and he, in his notes, described a small red flower which he anticipated might be a source of a synthetic Scopalamine variant. I would send my men to investigate, but they are presently, held up, if you will, on another small island off the coast of Antarctica. I have the equipment, mind you. And the boats and workers to get someone there, but no men. Unless of course, any of you fine people would be interested in doing some more work, all for good pay mind you, very good pay. (1000 more). I am also sorely lacking an organic chemist, if you happen to know of any.

Boarding the boat

A dull rain blankets The Brooklyn Dock in waves of wet. It is too cold for rain you muse, but it beats down upon you notwithstanding. The dockworkers all eye you contemptuosly as you board a large passenger boat at the edge of the water. The S.S. Arkham. You clamber abourd and take shelter from the downpour in a large, sparsely decorated engine room. There are a few cots laying upon the fdry floor, and lanterns swing to and fro with the waves

Meeting Archibald Tinsworth

A demure man, 5.2, round at the middle with beard and pipe introduces himself as captain Tinsworth. "I aim to make this voyage in four days time, weather permitting.We shall set out to Martha's Vineyard, thats a day and a half gone. from there it is up to you to find passage to Nomans Island. I would take you myself, but the sea surrounding Nomans Island is full of rocks to dash my ship upon. You go there, get the flowers, and return. That should take no longer than a day. Afterwards, we sail back here to Brooklyn. Is that understood?

Setting Sail

You take off from port, the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean crashing the occasional bitter spray upon the deck. The rain has not ceased, and continues for the next two days. You play penochle with the ship mates, and eat the tinned sardines and hard tack provided for the voyage. It is dull and cold.

Arriving at Martha's Vineyard

Already half a day behind schedule, you finally make it to the port of Martha's Vineyard. It still rains heavily and cold, the old pavement surrounding the docks is blanketed with ice, making it very difficult to unload. One of the crew carrying your equipment slips and falls int the ocean. Cries abound, and he is hoisted up, shivering and bloody, and taken inside the ship.

Archibald speaks

Quit your rubbernecking, he'll be fine. Go on and get your job done, I aim to make sail at tomorrow's noon. Here, take a flare each. And you'll need a lantern.

Archibald is pressed for info about where to find a boat

Aye, just a few blocks over from these docks, ye'll find a row of supply stores. Wedged in there, find Mcsoreley's Shore Leave, it's a bair for us sailor types. You'll have to show any one taking you sail the proper papers to get onto the island of course, as it's government property now. You DO have the papers, right?

Well, that makes things mer tricky desnt it. There IS another bair around here, where you might find someone willing to take you sans papers. I cain't reccomend it, it's a swarthy place full of decrepit niggers. Aye, they'll take you, who knows if they'll wait around for ye to get back though! A hah, a hah, a….hmm. It's called The Yellow Crown. Wander down this'ere alley for a spell, ye'll find it if ye should have the sore luck to do so.

Panic at The Yellow Crown

'He ain't no man At Ull!' Shouts an obviously drunk seaman, getting escorted out the door by a fat black bouncer with slave markings on his temples."That creature in there, he's a monster, a monster I tell you. there's no way he coulda known what he knew."

Getting closer

A small wooden shed obscures The Yellow Crown for a moment as you walk closer. You turn the corner in time to see: SMACK! The drunk man is slapped to the ground by the bouncer. "You'll shoot dat pussy-hole nah, crawl away little worm." The bouncer places his foot on the man's back, who is presently floundering in the mud. "Craw, little worm."

One last bit

The bouncer pulls a crowbar out of the darkness, gives the drunk sailor a soft tap on the legs. "Craw worm, or I make it so you can't do nuttin but craw, the rest of your days." Slowly at first, then with a crazed ambition, the man begins crawling away through the mud. The bouncer spits on the drunk sailor's ass, then returns to the bar. "A-heeee a-heee-heee a-heeeeeee". KTHUNK. the heavy wooden door to The Yellow Crown closes sharply.

Inside The Yellow Crown

You enter the bar, it reeks of salted fish and cheap, bathtub gin. There are about 10 men gathered in small groups around tables, and a filthy bar covered in detritus and broken glass. The decor is sparse naval, with the occasional bawdy painting of a woman engaged in coitus. The bouncer stands near the bar, talking with the bartender.

The Groups

Most groups of men are hunched together, quietly discussing things or simply silent and looking at the walls. There is one group in the back who are louder than the others, wearing navy uniforms and laughing hard and joyless. They eye you with a vicious hunger as you walk in.

The Navy Men

The men each have a small, red flower on their lapel. If questioned; "Look at these queer ones, boys. What have we here, you boys out for a stroll? You like flowers? Looking to pick up some company? Ha, you faggots will find my knife is a friend. He'd love to get to know you better. WOuld you like to fuck my friend Mr. Knife? Hmmm? " The navy men stand up around the table. And laugh, removing similar knives from their sheathes at their belt."

See end of book, there are 5 of the navy men. Mr. White will intervene of guns are drawn by holding a shotgun and telling the fighting party to take it outside. They must leave. Once people head outside, the navy men arn't sure what to do, and can be reasoned with to leave. At which point the PCs may reenter the bar.

Talk to the bouncer

I don't want to talk to you, and I don't have to talk to you. Know dis. Now, bearing dat in mine, what is it you feel the need to say to me.

I can't help you. Fuck off. A-hee Aheeee

Ask around about passage

One of the men in the groups of silent men responds "Aye. I'll take yeh. One hundred each. each way. Let's get going if we're gonna go."

Board the man's ship

The man leads you down icy streets to a smaller dock than the one you arrived at. The lighting here is almost nen-existant. A freezing wind lifts up off the sea. Steven lights a lantern and busies himself readying his boat. You discern it's name "Lightening" in faded black letters on it's prow.

The journey aboard Lightening

The sea is oddly calm presently. A thick fog blows in from martha's vineyard, but Steven checks his compass and sets his small sails. When the waves appear to be about to capsize his old vessal, he simply smiles and spits into the wind, wrapping the ropes around his hand. You see a grossly large ivory crucifix attatched to the top of the forecastle, it crashes terribly in the wind.

Extra search

You see 6 hatch marks in the side of the forecastle, underneath the cross.

Pulling up to Nomans Island

Alright landsmen, you've 8 hours. I don't mean to be rude, but if you are not back by then than it is no longer worth my time, as the GREAT FOG will begin to pour off of Martha' Vineyard, and make the return trip a terrible hasle. If you wish me to stay past that time, alight a flare, but I charge extra per hour. Good luck out there.

Search for the flowers

The low light makes it difficult to find any thing like a flower in this odd, aeons dead island. The wind whipping around the treeline is cold and draws you in to it's shelter. PErhaps you would have more luck there than on the beach.", you think.

The Forest

Here in the forest, your one lantern provides a measley but cherished point of light to huddle around. The cold is less. The rain comes down in freezing drops, bigger but less often than in the open beach.

A flower

You find a small red flower in a very odd patch of fresh earth. 1 down, 99 to go.

Investigate the earth

Something can't be right, this long swag of loam is roughly human sized, and freshly dug.

An odd sound

You hear something strikingly unfamiliar in this cold silent dark. The sound of, is it drumming? And an occasional high pitched shriek, nut unlike a monkey(fear check)

A Dim vision

Farther on, through the trees, you see firelight. 'Who would light a fire, here, in this weather? WHo would even come to this god-forsaken island in this weather. (Play Okay, let's talk about magic) Just then, the distant sound of drumming grows huge! Hooting, hollering, the flames burts up into the night sky! Lightening strikes the water, huge boiling sea erupting from the deep.(fear check) Or was that a trick of the light. You see no lightening now. You hear only faint sounds of movement to the east. The fire remains. Another red flower at your feet! And another ghastly mound of earth feeding it. They appear to be growing thicker as you travel closer to the sound.

The cultists

'Ia! Ngin agran Yssyshotep. Zawwwwww! Flhgin fthagn Yssylshotep. Fthagn! Cthluhu fthagn! Ia Ia!'(fear check) Erupts from the small stone island on the edge of the water. There is a great fire, unhindered by the torrential rain. Is that, is that a woman being lowered into it? It can't be. The ocean boils all around the small stone island, great tendrils of smoke seem to be coming from under the water. You see thousands, MILLIONS of tiny red dots in the ground all around you. Those damnable little flowers.

Fight the cultists

Your attack goes unnoticed, but it's target falls to the ground, hooting. rubbing it's blood all over it's body and those around it. It looks maniacly pleased. The ocean erupts forth with a great fervor, the lightening cracks! Is that a whale!? No, whales are not so long as that, nor so large.(fear check)

The Island

There is a huge black stone in the middle smaller stone island. It appears to be covered in, something red. There is sometihng etched into it, and a symbol. SOme odd, indescribable symbol.

Run away

You turn tail and run madly into the night, back to the ship, you slip so often it becomes another part of fleeing, 4 paces, slip, get up. THere is no pain, only fear. A great, untamable fear in the pit of your stomach."

Returning to the boat

You are once again on the wind swept beach that brought you onto this island. You can not see the boat, But you know for a fact that you left it right here!

A flare alights from far into the ocean. It's brilliant light shows a patchy life-raft beached on the shore.

The life-raft

In the raft, you see Steven's cross. It is covered in little red flowers. Begind you, in the woods, you hear the crashing of trees to the ground. Lighten ing crashes, and you see, teeth. Teeth and eyes forever, towering over the island! The light disappeears and the image is burnt into your mind. (fear check). You have one desire, to flee this island at all cost.

Getting in the life raft

The raft neatly fits yo entire party, but it appears to have taken on water. No, not water. Water is not as thich nor as dark as this. You shudder and begin to bail the raft out as you paddle away from this wreteched island. Your mind appears to have snapped, as the simple act of bailing and rowing is the only thing you can comprehend right now. Row. Row. Row.

Hours pass

You come to hours later. or is it days? It is morning now, the bitter cold has taken all feeling from your body. You are in the middl of an ocean, as far as you can see. Fog pours blows in perpetually from about two hours row to your right.

Follow the fog

You brave through the fog, most times' not even knowing your heading. Then, out of nowhere, you see a lighthouse's blessed light. You follow it, and find youself, impossibly, on the north side if Martha's vineyard.

Getting back to Archibald Tinsworth

//You manage to make it back to the main docks. Archibald's boat is there, docked and waving in the ocean. It is noon by now, your bruises and scrapes beginning to ache, and your bones weak and cold still. You see archibald eye you quizzicly. Then, all at once begin to run up to you. "Where the devil have you been! We've been waiting here two damnable weeks!"

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